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Services & Pricing

Service prices listed are priced per visit for 2 pets. Extra pets are an additional fee.

All services take place between a 2hr window. Unless pet(s) have time sensitive needs


 Drop in visiting hours are from 7am to 10pm

We do not charge extra for holidays or for home care

Drop Ins

All drop in visits include a bathroom break, meals, affection, medications, exercise, litter-box & accident cleanup

15 MINUTE VISIT  -  $15

Only offered for low maintenance cats, birds, and other small animals

20 MINUTE VISIT  -  $21
30 MINUTE VISIT  -  $26
45 MINUTE VISIT  -  $31

Recommended for energetic pets that need extra play


Recommended for senior pets and others with special needs

OVERNIGHT  -  $120

On site care for 8hrs


Priced per day

Additional Pet

(over 2 pets)..........................$5

Dog Walking

20m Dog Walk......................$23

30m Dog Walk......................$30

45m Dog Walk......................$36

1hr Dog Walk......................$40

Our Process

Schedule a Meet & Greet

After completing the new client form, a sitter will reach out within 24-48hrs to schedule a complimentary M&G.


Each meeting typically lasts about 30m and will take place in your home.

During our M&G, we will discuss our various pet care services and set up a schedule that best fits your needs. We will also go over pet, personal, and home info in detail.


Lastly, you will be informed of our pet sitting portal + app, Time to Pet.

Download our App & confirm your Services

Following your M&G, your pet sitter will prompt you via email to activate your account on Time to Pet. 


We recommend setting up your account using the email link

before downloading the app to complete and view your info. Once everything is filled out, you will receive a few emails confirming your services.  

On our portal, you can easily chat with us, update pet and personal info, view pet report cards, pay invoices, and request future services.


Sit back & Relax

After your info is filled out and your services are confirmed, you're good to go! Now it is time to sit back, relax, and wait on your pet report cards.


Depending on your portal preferences, you will get a text when we arrive and a pet report card when we leave. You will be updated about your fur baby every step of the way.

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